Why I Read

  1. I ran out of purple yarn
  2. The children are asleep
  3. Blue light keeps me awake
  4. Going to bed before 11 is ‘unhip’
  5. I’m trying to avoid watching Frozen in Chinese again
  6. I need something I can “rewind” easily
  7. There’s nothing on Netflix
  8. There’s nothing in the fridge
  9. There’s nothing new on facebook
  10. It’s raining.
  11. It’s sunny.
  12. It’s cold/hot/various degrees of too humid/cool/rainy/etc.
  13. If I move my cat will start meowing again
  14. I can’t think.
  15. I can’t stop thinking.
  16. The face mask is supposed to stay on for thirty minutes.
  17. My partner is talking about his last visit to the doctor
  18. I want to forget about the weird spiny insect on my windowsill
  19. Etc.

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